What are the benefits?

For the Student

  • A hands-on leadership development program
  • An opportunity to help shape their school 
  • Certificate of participation

For Principals

  • A chance to listen to the voice of their students - and those around the country.
  • An exciting opportunity to help raise the profile of the profession by taking part in this national event

For the School

  • A structured program that will help promote leadership development
  • A simple way to help engage student voice
  • An opportunity to help students value the role of principal and school leadership

For your Community

An opportunity to profile your school in your community.

How can I support my child?

Ensure you sign the consent form provided by your school to enable your child to participate.

What will my child be doing?

Your child will:
  • Plan the days' program of activities with the adult principal
  • Complete our online survey 
  • Take part in the pre-event webinar 
  • Participate in activities at your school and
  • Engage in an online national student conversation
Following the event, your child will be presented with a Certificate of participation.