A Message from PAI

We're really excited about the Student Principal for a Day program. 
It provides primary and secondary students with a unique opportunity to participate in a practical and exciting leadership development. We know how important it is to give young people the tools to stretch their capacity as thinkers and leaders.
One of the great things about Student Principal for a Day is its accessibility. We'll be conducting online discussion and activities, so whether a student is in rural SA or metropolitan NSW - they'll have access to the same opportunities.
Students and principals will work collaboratively in planning their program for the day, based on a range of suggested activities.
At PAI we're really passionate about raising the status of the profession. This event will serve as a catalyst to showcase the important role principals play, not only in our schools, but also in the wider community.
2012 saw the introduction of the Australian Professional Standard for Principals. The Student Principal for a Day event will draw attention to the standard and, in doing so, recognise the diverse school contexts Australia's principals work in and the vital contribution that they make.
The principalship is something to aspire to - SP4D will inspire some young people to consider a career in education or to even become a principal one day.